The Probationary Path with Paul Movsessian – 28th July 2015



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Track List

Intro – Choir of Creation Part I by Cameron Blanch

Music break 1 and 2 – Mozarts Magic Flute – Interlude (edited out)

Meditation – Bells Mantra track 2


6 thoughts on “The Probationary Path with Paul Movsessian – 28th July 2015

      • Yes, and to have a logical sequence from beginning towards advanced as to learn more effectively

        Btw thank you so much for what you do it truly is a gift


      • That is a good idea and I will put some thought into how I can group the recordings as suggested. I am not sure how quickly I can do this, as it could mean a complete re-structure of the site…but I will definitely look into it. In the mean time Paul has given 3 talks so far. First was July 2014 talking on Elementals, second was November 2014 talking on Mysteries of Incense and then the propationary path. Thanks so much for the feedback! 🙂


  1. I think it will be as simple as running a filter option in the searc option for each listed recording, you can the have a sequential order by numbering or predefined search criteria. There are really cheap and quality word press engineers available for no more than 20$ on


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