Therapy of Repose – with Scott Billings – 2nd February 2016



Or Listen Directly….

1. — RELAXATION: It is indispensable to learn to relax the body for meditation; no muscle should remain in tension. It is urgent to provoke and graduate sleepiness at will. It is evident that the wise combination of sleepiness and meditation results in that which is called Illumination.

2. — RETROSPECTION: What are we looking for in retrospection? Due to the mechanical life that he lives in, the intellectual animal forgets himself and falls into fascination; he goes around with an asleep consciousness without remembering what he did at the moment of rising, without knowing the first thoughts of the day, his actions and the places he has been to.
Retrospection has as objective the acquisition of awareness of one’s behavior or actions of the past. On carrying out the retrospection, we will not put any objections to the mind; we will recall memories of past actions, from the moment of beginning the retrospection to the moment of our lives that we desire. We should study each memory without becoming identified with it.

3. — SERENE REFLECTION: First we need to become fully aware of the mood that we are in, before any thought surges. Serenely observe our mind, pay full attention to any mental form which appears on the screen of the intellect.  It is necessary to become sentries of our own mind during any agitated activity and to stop for an instant to observe it.

4. — PSYCHOANALYSIS: Investigate, inquire, find out the origin of each thought, memory, affection, emotion, sentiment, resentment, etc. as they surge in the mind.
During psychoanalysis, one should examine, evaluate and inquire about the origin, cause, reason or fundamental motive of each thought, memory, image and association, as they surge from the bottom of the subconscious.

5. — MANTRALIZATION OR KOAN: The objectives of this phase are:

a.) To mix the magical forces of mantrams or koans in our inner universe.

b.) To awaken the consciousness.
c.) To accumulate Christic atoms of high voltage within.
In this psychological work, the intellect should take upon itself a receptive, integral, unitotal, full, tranquil and profound state. One achieves the unitotal receptive state with the koans or phrases that decontrol the mind.

6. — SUPERLATIVE ANALYSIS: Consists of an introspective knowledge of oneself. During deep meditation, introversion is indispensable.

In that state, one will work in the process of the comprehension of the ‘I’ or defect that one wants to disintegrate. The Gnostic student will concentrate himself on the psychological aggregate and will maintain it on the screen of the mind. Above all, it is indispensable to be sincere with oneself.
Superlative analysis consists of two phases which are:
a.) Self-exploration. To investigate, in the depth of our consciousness and in the 49 levels of the subconscious when it was that the defect first manifested itself in our lives, when it last manifested itself and in what moments it is that it has more strength to manifest itself.
b.) Self-discovery: To investigate what the foods of the ‘I’ are. To fraction and divide the defect in various parts and to study each part to get to know the kind of ‘I’ it originates from and the kind of ‘I’ that originate from it.

7. — SELF-JUDGMENT: To seat the defect being studied on the defendant’s bench. To bring to judgment the damages it causes the consciousness and the benefits that the annihilation of the defect being judged, would bring into our life.

8. — PRAYER: One will ask the Divine Mother Kundalini, our inner and individual Mother, with much fervor. One will talk to her with frankness and introverting all the defects and faults we have so that She, who is the only one capable of disintegrating the I’s will disintegrate them from their very root.
It is pleasant and interesting to attend the meditation Halls – Gnostic Sanctuaries, every time one is able to do so. It is essential to always practice meditation with closed eyes so as to avoid external sensory perceptions.

~ Revolution of the Dialectic, Master Samael Aun Weor

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